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© Photo by: Sofia Aldana ( @makeupsofiaaldana )

The Colombian makeup artist welcomes us from her apartment in Los Angeles, to talk about how she faces “the new normal”, her beauty routine, favorite products of the moment and share her best tips to not lose motivation in times of uncertainty.

What was the strongest or biggest habit change you had to make during quarantine?

The biggest habit change has probably been having to organize my time and be more disciplined. It's very easy to wake up late and not have an organized day when you live alone. Creating a schedule and following it allows me to be disciplined. I no longer have to arrive at the office at a certain time or be in class 15 minutes early, but creating a schedule and being strict helps me have that balance. I don't go into my room or sit on my bed until I finish all my work for the day.

Things you are doing to maintain your mental health during the crisis?

I have psychotherapy every week, which has helped me a lot. I am a very anxious person, I have good days and I have days when I get nervous. I make time to facetime with my parents every day and feel that I have them close even if they are in Colombia and I am in Los Angeles. Having a schedule and a structured day also helps me a lot. I love waking up, taking my dog, making coffee or matcha, exercising in my living room, planning my day, and cooking.

Your “mood-booster” tips.

Maintaining a positive attitude is key! I love doing Zoom parties on the weekends with my friends, teaching virtual makeup classes, doing “date nights” with my boyfriend and going for drives in the car and seeing the landscapes of Los Angeles. I love my career so when I teach I get distracted and happy, I try to find webinars on topics that I like too. Organizing and decorating your space also makes you feel so much better.

Has your way of eating changed? If yes, how? and because?

At the beginning of the quarantine I think I was much more flexible in my way of eating but I regulated myself and realized that this is not the end of the world and there is no need to choke. I've learned to cook, I've been ordering out much less food, and I've seen a positive change in my energy levels. Now that I have learned to cook, I am excited to go out to the market and buy healthy foods to make new recipes.

How do you control “binge eating” or the gluttony that comes from anxiety?

Well, my first tip is not to fill up on foods that are unhealthy or full of refined sugar. I don't like having unhealthy options in my kitchen because I eat them in one sitting, so I replace them with nutritious meals. I am constantly drinking water with lemon that takes away the anxiety of snacking and eating. However, if one day I feel like making some chocolate chip cookies, I'm not going to beat myself up, simply instead of making the recipe for 12 cookies, I make a much smaller one. Self-control has to be developed and put into practice, especially during quarantine, and that starts by waking up early every morning, organizing my bed and stopping going to the refrigerator 10 times.

What is your healthy go-to recipe of the week?

I love my iced matcha latte! It's simply a tablespoon of unsweetened matcha powder, almond milk, ice, and a little bit of stevia. As a snack, I love freezing Greek yogurt with berries and nuts, and cutting them up like popsicles.

Lessons from quarantine.

The greatest lesson has been not to underestimate the happiness that the small things in life give us - an arrangement of your favorite flowers, a group hug with your best friends, the long line before getting on a plane, the 5 minutes of stress before leaving for class when you put everything in your purse, being able to enter the supermarket without nerves and lines. As well as, the importance of self-love and mental health.

How has your beauty routine changed in this “New Normal”?

Well, my routine has diminished but it hasn't disappeared. In the mornings I apply a refreshing toner, my NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY CALM serum , I put on some eye patches to reduce inflammation and I use an ice roller to wake up while I drink my coffee.

If I have a zoom meeting I wear very minimal makeup. A little concealer, eyelash, eyebrow gel, blush with bronzer and a little moisturizer on the lips. If I don't have anything that day, I make a mask and that's it.

At night I wash my face and apply my NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY ORANGE antioxidant serum , a moisturizer and retinol. If I wash my hair I use an overnight mask to nourish it.

What do you carry in your make-up bag? Some MUST.

My must must must is always the Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen by Lashfood, for touch-ups. I also love Chanel's Le Lift La Crème Main especially these days when we are washing our hands every 5 minutes, this way I prevent them from drying out. And a brow gel, my favorite is the Glossier Boy Brow .

Do you use any vitamin supplements every day?

This week I started taking Fit-9 from Sascha Fitness , it has 9 ingredients and I have seen good reviews. Apart from that, I take vitamin D (since I don't get enough sun now in quarantine) and Private Party from Hum Nutrition which is a probiotic.

Tell us about your experience with NR BEAUTY products.

I love lip liners! They are creamy and look divine, plus they help me create a more defined lip look. I love the CALM serum especially before makeup because it leaves my skin hydrated and glowy.