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Let's talk about the difference between mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen

Hablemos sobre la diferencia entre el protector solar mineral y el protector solar químico

Hello hello !!!!

Let's talk about the difference between mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen?

Suddenly many know what I'm talking about, but others suddenly don't.

That's why we are here today, to talk about sunscreens, their textures, which ones work for different skin types, and which ones I use.

Let's start with the one that almost everyone knows, chemical sunscreen. This word sounds terrible in my opinion hahaha but it really isn't.

Some of its active ingredients are oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate or octinoxate. They are considered safe and are approved by the FDA.

This type of protector penetrates your skin, absorbing the sun's rays and this prevents our skin from suffering daily sun damage. It is ideal for people who do not like their skin to be seen white because its color blends very well on the skin. It is recommended for oily skin because today there are many light textures on the market, which do not make the skin greasy.

Let's continue with the mineral sunscreen, the only active ingredients in this sunscreen are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, that's why they call it mineral. This type of protector acts as a barrier on the skin, leaving the surface as a shield so that the sun's rays can be diverted. Its appearance is white but it does not blend very well on the skin. It has no fragrance, parabens or dyes so it is ideal for sensitive skin and babies.

Which one do I currently use?

Both I and my daughters use the mineral.


For many years I used the light textured chemical. Before my daughters were born I didn't have much knowledge about mineral sunscreen, so many things change when we have children, they come to teach us many things, doesn't that happen to them too?

Well anyway hahaha, when my first daughter was born the doctor told me that I couldn't apply sunscreen until she was 6 months old, obviously I (skin care addict) started looking for why, and then I started looking for information about sunscreens, and I honestly loved what I found about the mineral sunscreen.

Many people don't like it because it leaves a white appearance on the skin, which eventually fades. Afterwards, I apply a little blush and bronzer and it doesn't show, but if you're going to take a photo with a flash, be prepared. so that their face looks like a mime.

It is a spectacular natural skin protector, and what I like most is that we do not pollute the environment, when we go into the sea we are not carrying chemicals into the water and that seems fantastic to me, I think that the more good things we do for this world in the that we live, much better.


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