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Why is BLANC so effective for our skin?

¿Por qué BLANC es tan efectivo para nuestra piel?

First, it is important to know the causes of stains, which are usually due to:

  1. Cumulative sun exposure.


  1. Melasma that normally appears due to irregular hormone problems.


  1. Due to acne sequelae.

Acne spot is very different from melasma, acne scar occurs because too much collagen is formed in a particular place when a wound is healing, specialists explain.

The pimple causes the skin to become inflamed, then there is an injury, which is why the skin produces a greater amount of melanin or pigment. This is why stains occur.

  1. Due to poor diet

Recently, Dr. Carlos Jaramillo @drcarlosjaramillo also gave an explanation about how diet can contribute to causing spots on the skin.

Melasma caused by diet

Melanin is responsible for producing the pigment in our skin. If I am developing a spot somewhere on my body, it is because I am generating more melanin than normal in that place. When this happens, it is because the cell in the skin that produces melanin is protecting itself from something, it is like putting a dark umbrella over it.

But why does he do it like this?

Hormones are produced and act, and are eliminated so that the others can be produced. The same thing happens with melanin, we are always producing it.

Hormones are removed in the liver, and melanin is also removed in the liver. After the intestine could not filter all that, it passes through the liver and is loaded with toxins, when the melanin cannot be eliminated it returns and circulates and begins to perform the wrong function, that protection ends up becoming an exaggerated and erratic protection, and ends up causing the stain.

The stains are reactivated with:

  1. The sun is the biggest enemy of spots.


  1. With the heat!! If with the heat, doesn't it happen that when you exercise the spots come out? Believe it or not, heat increases vasodilation, which is the dilation or widening of the blood vessels. Heat can cause inflammation and stimulate pigment production, when we are not treating them.


  1. Lack of exfoliation.

Solutions to get rid of stains:

  1. Protect ourselves from the sun with sunscreen, and try to avoid it during the hours when it is most harmful, such as midday. Vitamin D is necessary for our health, it is produced when exposed to the sun, but we can enjoy it at the right times, protected and not for long.

  1. Correct the intestine with the right diet so that the liver is not burdened and the melanin circulates and goes around again and does not return to the stain.

  1. Chemical exfoliation is KEY, which is why I decided to take out my BLANC product to get rid of the spots. Removing dead and damaged cells on our skin will allow new, fresh skin to come to light.

This new layer of skin that is obtained through the chemical exfoliation that we do with BLANC every night is the one that is healthy, the one that looks much prettier and where the expression lines are much less noticeable. This is when the stain is removed because we are removing the dead cells that contain the pigment. And of course, by removing it daily the stain goes away. bye bye

Exfoliation also helps reduce the size of the pores because it keeps them clean and this way they are not clogged and begin to shrink. In addition, by reducing the top layer of dead and damaged cells from regular exfoliation, it allows other products to enter more easily, such as our ORANGE antioxidant serum, which is also a must for combating blemishes, and our CALM serum for sensitive skin. which helps to hydrate the skin in a very deep way since it is water-based, and also has a calming effect due to its natural extracts, even for the most sensitive skin.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in vitamin C and natural plant extracts combat the effects of aging. Antioxidants also stimulate the natural production of collagen, protecting the skin from free radicals, typical of polluted environments, thanks to their antioxidant properties .


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