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Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

After many months of preparation, effort and love we had the opportunity to hold our second edition of the Wellness Retreat, where for 3 days we shared wonderful experiences with our guests.

We live moments of connection, meditation, and relaxation.
We made 3 launches together with special people who we know love and take care of their skin.

Day 1

We started the Wellness with a welcome dinner in one of the best restaurants in the city; Agua de leon, a place with an incredible atmosphere and delicious food where we had the opportunity to taste a 7-course menu.

We shared and enjoyed dinner, all full of emotion and what will happen in these 3 days of Wellness.
We ended the night touring the walled center, taking photos, making videos and enjoying spaces of great happiness, expectation and emotion.

Day 2

Our most anticipated moment has arrived; Our guests were taken to an island in Barú where they could live unique and unforgettable experiences.
We had many activities, we started with a meditation, a moment to feel free with our mind and body.
We gave you some gifts for the soul of Andrea Agudelo; a daily ritual
to be grateful for every detail of life.
We continue with sensory activities where we awaken all our senses and explore our mind and imagination.
Finally, we did a master class where we explained how to use each of our products and how to do a complete Nicole Ravachi Brand routine.


Our last day ended with the inauguration of our new spa; First space with the professional line of our brand at the Capellan Hotel in Cartagena!
Our guests received a facial where we showed them the entire professional line, we prepared them for this super relaxing experience where we applied scrubs, masks, essential oils and our serum for skin hydration and protection.

The sea, the breeze, and nature were the perfect combination to show our guests our new launches.
GIVE ME GLOW unlike our other Oh! bars! Purpose stick that gives color to your cheeks; GIVE ME GLOW lights them up! A perfect complement to give that glowy touch to your makeup.
OH! PURPOSE OIL multipurpose moisturizer, can be used as a hair oil, to drain and hydrate the skin with our guasha; without leaving a greasy feeling.


Grateful for being part of this great dream, for always believing in us, for supporting us in each launch and for being an inspiration for Nicole Ravachi Brand every day.
This is the beginning of many surprises that we will work on and share with you every day. Are you prepared for what is coming?


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