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100% natural tan with DHA

Bronceado 100% natural con DHA


Today I want to talk to you about my experience with TAN or spray tanning, I had it done last week and I want to tell you absolutely everything.

Why did I do it?

Personally, I feel very comfortable with my skin color, I am very white and I take great care of the sun, I think that tanning is already out of fashion hahaha, the truth is that we already know all the damage and consequences that the sun has on the skin, in addition Aging brings us forward, something I try to avoid.

Eventually the years will come and I will accept them with great joy but I will not anticipate them.

A friend's birthday was approaching, a weekend, which was on an island. Around that time, another friend who was attending the birthday party told me that she had done very well with SPRAY TAN (spray tanning) and gave the idea for the whole group of friends to do it.

Obviously I had to find out what they were going to apply to my skin, since I am very careful with certain ingredients that the products contain, and what I liked the most is that what we would do is 100% natural, it is called tanning with DHA .

DHA is a derivative of sugar cane that does not cause any type of allergy or reaction on the skin, which I loved.

By those days the truth was I was no longer white but transparent, and why not put a little color on my skin and try something new? The best thing was the plan with my friends, we had a moment full of laughter.

Now my experience...

so dha

That I like?

  • It takes 5 to 7 minutes to apply
  • It hides your cellulite! Yes, it looks much less
  • The skin looks shiny
  • The shorts look prettier because the legs look more defined.
  • The photos come out prettier because the skin looks even.
  • Does not stain the sheets
  • Does not stain clothes

What didn't I like?

I had to wait 8 hours for my body to dry and I felt sticky.
The first day I didn't feel like myself, the skin color was completely different from mine.
As it dries, a not very pleasant smell comes out (once you bathe it goes away).

As the days go by, the skin peels off if we don't hydrate it very well and they look like patches, mostly on the joints, but in reality they are not that serious.

Who do I recommend them to?

  • Those who love the sun and want to always be tanned.
  • For those who permanently want to have a glow and that super tanned look.
  • Those who like to take a lot of photos in a swimsuit and are underwear or swimsuit models.
  • To those who want to see the most marked body.

Would I do it again?

The truth is yes, suddenly for a special occasion such as a wedding on the beach, a party at sea, etc. for my day day suddenly not.

I'll tell you what I decide and when I do it again I'll upload a photo to Instagram.