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My Top 5 beauty products that cannot be missed

Mi Top 5 productos de belleza que no pueden faltar


Women are almost always in constant search for new products to care for our skin and looking at the new ones on the market.

I want to tell you that a few years ago I was one of those, but I realized I had to choose what suits my skin and what doesn't. I generally use the same products, you can see it from my tutorials and Instagram videos. I often wonder, will they get bored of seeing me always wear the same thing?

But it's the truth, sometimes we spend a lot of money buying things that are not going to work for us or worse yet cause allergies, at least I can't be changing products all the time because my skin is very sensitive. and reacts with anything, that's why when creating my beauty line NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY I always took into account the needs of different skin types and that the products were free of parabens and chemicals that are not suitable for our skin or that they are not going to be of any use to us and that the cosmetics industry simply often adds filler ingredients to make the product perform.

That's why today I want to tell you what are my 5 products that I always have to have in my bathroom drawer.

DOVE BABY liquid SOAP to wash my face and body, I love it, I have never had any allergies and apart from that when I finish washing my face I don't feel dry and tight like with other soaps.

SHAPE TAPE dark circle concealer in the color light from TARTE COSMETICS , I like this concealer for several reasons, I don't have to apply a lot because a little bit covers me a lot. Since I started using this concealer I haven't used foundation, because the coverage it leaves is enough and its texture is not greasy.

BLANC Kit by NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY , I literally do not travel or live without this product, it meets everything I need for my skin. If I have a pimple the next day it dries it, it evens out my skin tone and the next day my skin is always illuminated, it chemically exfoliates me every day in a very gentle way and removes the dead cells that are on my skin and therefore Lastly, it moisturizes me since the kit comes with a vegetable oil that I love and I even put it on my ankles, nail cuticles and on my lips when they are very dry.

See this product here.

Sunscreen from the ISDIN brand, I knew about this sunscreen because my husband always recommended it to me until I decided to try it and I love it because it is extremely liquid and does not leave my skin greasy.

Long-lasting universal color eyebrow pencil from NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY I love this pencil because it lasts all day and it is very easy to paint them since the pencil has a brush and is extremely thin.

Find this product here.