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My Top 3 restaurants in Cartagena and something more

Mi Top 3 restaurantes en Cartagena y algo más


Who doesn't love to eat delicious?

It fascinates me and so does my husband and daughters, so today I want to leave you a list of my favorite restaurants that I recommend one hundred percent in Cartagena where I currently live.

I have a TOP 3 that no matter how much new or trendy restaurants open, I never stop going and they don't bore me either. I'll tell you what I like most about each one and what type of plan they are for.


If you want to eat healthy and find all kinds of food from breakfasts to healthy dinners such as acai bowls and salads of all varieties, as well as vegan and non-vegan burgers and delicious pastas, I highly recommend it. In this cafe you also find sugar-free desserts, healthy desserts and unhealthy desserts. It is ideal to go with family or also with friends.


Located in the Santa Teresa hotel.

If you want to go out with your partner or friends, even with family, this restaurant is super comfortable for children because there is a lot of space and the atmosphere is outdoors, pleasant and the food is delicious. It's a little more formal without having DRESS CODE. Also highly recommended.


Located in Boca Grande.

If you like Arabic food, there is definitely no better Arabic food (aside from my grandparents') than this restaurant. It is a family restaurant, I feel that way because I have been going with my parents since I was little when we came to visit Cartagena and now I go with my husband and my daughters who also love it.

Now I'm going to tell you about the restaurants that have been opening in Cartagena , that are fashionable and that the food is delicious:

  • Peruvian food: PERU FUSIÓN and CUZCO the atmosphere is very pleasant
  • Japanese food: For me the best sushi is found in SUSHI ROOM
  • Italian Food: DOLCE SALATO
  • French food: COLLETTE
  • Restaurant with live music for a night out: BARUCO and VITROLA

Another cool restaurant that is trendy and I have been going a lot lately because the food is extremely light and always goes down very well in my stomach is AGUA DE LEÓN Restaurante. I also love the design and architecture of this restaurant.

The best lobster roll I have ever eaten (lobster hot dog) is found at LOBO DE MAR.