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A nutritious and healthy recipe that your children will love

Una receta nutritiva y saludable que tus hijos amaran


There is nothing more gratifying than our children being well nourished by healthy food.

But we all know that there are days when it becomes a little difficult to eat and we as mothers often do not have the time to make them a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

That's why this recipe I have for you today is THE BEST. A very complete meal that meets all the requirements that our children need to be well nourished. And the most important thing is that my daughters love it.

Many times we say: my son doesn't eat like that or my son doesn't like vegetables, etc. I think that if we show them from a young age the importance of eating healthy, that is how they will eat in the future. I believe that YES we are what we eat, food is information for our body and that depends on how we feel, how we look and what we want to project both inside and out.

This recipe consists of a coconut milk and banana smoothie. Accompanied by toast with avocado and egg.

That is to say that here we are including fruit, good fats, carbohydrates and protein.

For the smoothie you only need coconut milk, which children love, I have already spoken with several mothers and they tell me that it is the vegetable milk that their little ones like the most. Banana and liquid stevia to taste, I use stevia which is 100% natural.

If this is the first time you are going to give this smoothie to your children, I recommend freezing the banana so that it turns out like a real milkshake. Believe me, your children will love you. It is sweet, creamy and very nutritious.

The toast recipe is very simple too. You only need bread (I use whole wheat)
Half avocado and 1 egg.

In a toaster or frying pan we toast the bread, on the other hand we fry a whole egg with olive oil or butter and a little salt.
We also mash the avocado with a fork so that it is easier to spread on the toast, and easier for our children to eat.

Once everything is ready to assemble, we start by spreading the avocado on the toast and then we add the fried egg on top.

And voila, this is a supremely nutritious and complete meal for our children.