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My favorite GO TO MAKEUP products

Los productos favoritos de mi GO TO MAKEUP


Today I want to show you the products I use for my GO TO MAKEUP and the order in which I apply them. This makeup is what I almost always use to go to a lunch with friends or some event where I want to highlight my features but without much product.

I always talk to them about the importance of not applying so much makeup and rather highlighting what we already have, bringing out our best attribute, but for that it is always necessary to take care of our skin both inside and out, so that when we put on makeup we feel safe. and make the process easier for us.

go to makeup

Here are the products used for this super simple makeup:

In this case I did not use foundation, I started by applying the TARTE shape tape dark circle concealer in the color light:

All cream products should always be applied before setting with powder, which is why I continued using Benefit's cream contour:

To seal, use LAURA MERCIER 's translucent powder. Honestly, so far I have not found anything like it:

For the eyebrows I used the NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY long-lasting universal color pencil:

For my cat line on the eye I used the black high precision felt tip liner from NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY:

For the eyelashes I used my favorite Lancome Grandiose eyelash:

For blush I also used one of my favorites from CHANEL:

Finally, to paint my mouth I used a spectacular kit from NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY :

The SMORE eyeliner

HANKY PANKY color lipstick