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hello hello!

I tell you that breakfast is one of the most important meals for me. I love doing it myself, I see it as the perfect time to dedicate myself to myself, cook what I like, enjoy while I do it and obviously, enjoy while I eat it hahaha.

That's why today I bring you one of the breakfasts that I like the most, super easy, healthy and quick, perfect for those days when time is short, but you want to have a deli breakfast.

You will need:

  • rice bread
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon


First you must boil the water for the egg, while it boils, you can mash the avocado and add a little salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil to taste.

When the water is boiled, you must cook the egg, I leave it for 5 minutes. It is the perfect time!

On the other hand, you can toast the breads, so that they are crispy.

Then, you are going to put the previously mashed avocado on the rice bread toast. Once the egg has boiled, you are going to proceed to remove the shell and look for a scratcher, yes, a scratcher! Because we are going to make a delicious and healthy breakfast, and obviously aesthetic and fun (that makes you want to eat it hahaha).

We proceed to grate the boiled egg and we are going to put them on top of the toast and avocado, last but not least, we will add salt, pepper and olive oil to taste.


I hope you make this recipe and take a photo, obviously tag me to see the deliciousness.

NR TIP: There is nothing better than making life easier in terms of everything: food, clothing, personal care and obviously skin care.

That's why I leave you this tip, when we have little time to get ready, but we can't stop doing our skincare, you can put a few drops of ORANGE, our antioxidant serum, and a few drops of CALM, our hydrating serum, in the palm of your hand and apply it to the skin. face. This way you save some steps and you won't leave your skincare aside.