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When it comes to highly processed foods, we often say that we are eating healthy because we eat sugar-free packages or because we eat protein powders and a number of products that come packaged, loaded with chemicals and things that we don't even understand when we read the labels. When we load the body with all these toxins it is more difficult to lose weight, there is no better diet than eating as little processed as possible, believe me, nor do you have to count calories when everything we put into the body is real, or well at least the 80%.


Vegetables and fruits are extremely important in any diet, whatever it may be, they help prevent chronic diseases, promote the digestive system and help you feel more satisfied and full at meals.

Eat enough protein, whether of plant or animal origin. For vegetarians, grains, seeds and nuts also have good fats, which fill us with energy and help us feel full. They are also great for hair, skin and nails.

Hydration is super important, not only with water and liquids, but also with soups, green juices, vegetables that are loaded with water such as cucumber, and fruits such as lamb. In my case, I try to eat these types of fruits and vegetables since I have not been able to learn to drink water.





As with food, we return to the same thing, the labels on beauty products that are loaded with a thousand ingredients that we do not know, that we do not understand, are the ones that most tend to have toxic ingredients for our skin.

Be careful, don't get confused because many times natural extracts are given scientific names, and generally we don't understand them, so we have to take that into account.

But basically they are products that contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, formaldehyde, silicones, petroleum, aluminum, etc.

It is always best to read the labels and be sure of the product you are purchasing.

Our NICOLE RAVACHI BEAUTY skin care line IS 100% CLEAN BEAUTY. If you want later I will make a blog just about this.


Experiment with natural recipes at home, I have two that are my favorites.

And what I have always thought, beauty definitely comes from the inside out.

and from there it determines how you look and how you feel.

I think we should also cleanse ourselves of bad or harmful thoughts and feelings because absolutely everything we put into our body is information, whether what we eat, what we think, what we wear, what we talk about.

We must be more careful, we must also know where we put our energy.



A closet cleanup doesn't bother anyone, many times we see clothes that are left hanging for a long time and we don't use them for months. Believe me, you won't use that one again.


We can sell it, or donate it to people who will use it a lot.

Apart from that, our closet will be left with what we really use and there is actually no better feeling than having a clean closet, with only the things we really need.

On the other hand, in our home, we can start to implement more glass utensils and gradually remove plastic things.

Natural air is also important, from time to time we open the windows and let out toxins that remain in our homes from cleaning products, or dust that leaves dirt behind. There is nothing better than outside air, natural air.



We can also detoxify one day a week from social networks, from being connected all the time in front of a computer and from our cell phones.


We can exchange it for a book, a magazine or simply what better than talking to your family or close friends. For many, I know that it is difficult not to be on the computer or cell phone since many of us work on this, my job is to be in front of a computer or my cell phone most of the time, even a camera, but we do have to do it from time to time, since in the long term we can feel very tired, or have poor concentration, back pain, etc.

These are basic steps that we can do little by little, and really, by doing so, the difference is very noticeable.