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These are some of the steps you can apply to heal your body.

They are simple steps that we can all apply in our lives, I hope you like it :)


If you suffer from an illness, if you want to open a business, if you are setting a goal. BELIEVE.

This is called the placebo effect, they have done studies on sick people in which one group is given the real medicine and the other group is given sugar pills, and those who take the sugar pills are the first to be cured by that maybe they are believing that they are going to be cured, that this is how it is going to be. It is simply a relaxation for the nervous system to know that you are taking what you need to heal. When the nervous system relaxes miracles occur.


For a healing process it is important to have healthy relationships, good relationships are very important to feel good, people who contribute good things. There are no negative or positive people, there are people who are simply at a different stage than you.

Let's not classify, let's simply try not to be influenced by someone who is not at the same stage of your personal growth.


Listen to ourselves; who knows us more than ourselves. We know what stresses us, what we don't like, what we don't feel comfortable with, even what skin products suit us best.

Many times we do not believe in our intuition, we do not make the changes we have to make and we continue to suffer from the same problems for not believing in ourselves and not doing what our body asks of us.

When we start to make the changes we have to make, whether in food, habits, decisions, and we face the problem, our body begins to heal.

Not even a thousand grams of kale or green juice will change the poisonous effects of chronic repetitive stress, which is what can make us sick the most and from which many diseases come. Stress also causes us to have hormonal changes that are reflected in our skin. , such as allergies or acne.

These questions will help you clear your mind a little and know what you need to start making changes in your life.

  • What is not working in my life right now?”
  • “What is an ongoing source of stress in my life?”
  • “What do I need to heal?”


Exercise is key, it is very powerful for healing, I didn't know it until I stopped making excuses for myself. During the quarantine I was very clear that I was much more sedentary than normal since I did not have to go out, go down, go up, in short, the daily movement.

I dedicated myself to moving my body at home with online exercise routines, I started with short routines little by little with 10 minutes, then 20, then half an hour, and now I do 45 minutes 5 times a week.

I confess that I had never been one for exercising, I did it very occasionally because I knew it was good for my health, I had never enjoyed it like I do today, but now I can tell you that it is very important for our state of mind. . We produce more serotonin, which is the hormone that makes us feel good, our body is released, we release stress, in conclusion it is key to mental health, we do not feel stronger and with more energy.


I am a faithful believer that food is key to looking and feeling good, I have always told you that.

As I told you before, we can drink all the green juices in the world and put on the best creams on the market, but it all starts and depends on how we feel.

Many times overweight problems are due to anxiety, stress, etc., so if we do not cure this before, it is of no use to start a diet or a balanced diet if we are not doing it conscientiously. So, before talking to you about a diet according to what your body needs, it is better to follow the steps that I showed you previously and from there heal our body to follow the next steps, the secondary ones.