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Food should be individual and not a theory.

It's as if someone told you what movie to watch or what perfume to apply, etc.

For a moment you would suddenly do it but it is not sustainable. The healthy diet of a person different from you can be poison to your body.

There are people who go to the gym and just eat, and take protein powder and a lot of pills and they are happy, that works for them, if I do it I know that my stomach will reject it, my skin will manifest it with acne and a thousand more things.

We have to know ourselves and know what foods we like, what works for our body, our lifestyle, what foods we don't like.

Cravings help us a lot to know that something is missing from our body.

I'll give you an example: I am a person who really likes sweets, sweet things fascinate me, when I crave a dessert full of Arequipe and not a date or some grapes, it's because something is happening.

For example, because I have not eaten enough protein, vegetables and fruits, or I simply have not been completely satisfied in my 3 main meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.


1.I'm starting to see what my plate needs in my daily life to counteract that craving.

2.Another thing that helps me a lot to reduce my cravings is not to abstain from anything, I always talk to you about the 80% healthy diet 20% whatever you want to eat, abstaining from certain foods is one of the worst things we can do. do to the body, this is where your intelligence is and where we can see how we can feel that craving less and less, in my case sweets.

3. Make healthy version desserts, I try to change the sugar for stevia and the wheat flour for a healthier one like oatmeal or almonds, nowadays we find many recipes on the internet for healthy desserts.

4.Eat that dessert that I love so much but in a smaller quantity. Because it has happened to me that if I refrain from eating it for a long time, the day I eat it I go with all my strength and I can eat it all.

We also manifest the sentimental part with cravings many times, if we are anxious, if we are sad or happy we believe we fill that void with food and in the end it is worse, because the next day you feel bad for everything that you did not want to put in your body. and you did it.

If at any point in your lives you have taken care of yourself by eating healthy, you know that there is no better feeling than waking up knowing that you ate well the day before.


The issue of diets has a lot to do with several factors.

If you are a woman or if you are a man.

Men tend to have different cravings than women, they crave meat very often because of their digestive system, it is easier for us women to eat salads or follow a vegetarian diet.

In my case it is like this, my husband and I eat in two completely different ways, he likes the keto diet very well, which is based on animal protein and a lot of fats, and on the other hand my diet is basically plant-based, if we did An exchange of our diets, I am sure, would go very badly for us.


Each age requires its nutrition, and at each age we eat extremely differently.


This is so important, it depends on what culture we have grown up in, what is going to make us want to eat, and what is often going to be better for us than other foods. For example, I grew up with falafel, hummus, vegetables and a lot of Middle Eastern food, which when I was younger, many of these foods were fried and with a lot of dairy, which I almost never ended up liking. Today I still eat it but in my own way, less fried without many sauces or animal fat, basically I adjusted it to my needs.

And I think that in short that is the perfect diet for each person, adjusting the foods that we like the most to a healthy version.

We all have in our genetics what our ancestors have eaten, it is what we will always like best. Don't you feel that there are foods that not only feed our body but our soul as well? We feel happy when we eat it.


When we ourselves make the decision about the best diet we want for our lives, when we are in charge of choosing our way of eating and not your family or your nutritionist who often want to help us and that is fine, we can listen to them, but in In reality, the only person who knows how we feel is ourselves.

You can't imagine the good impact it has on ourselves and the empowerment we feel with our body when we start taking care of it correctly, and when we heal from any difficulty we ourselves are going through.

I think that if you don't know anything about nutrition and want to go on the right path, you can let yourself be guided by a specialist or educate yourself on the subject, but always listen to your body and tell the person who is guiding us, that your body is well received, and that No.

Since I started this path of a healthy life, mainly because of my colon, I have varied my diet on several occasions and sometimes I still make changes because our body is always changing. What we suddenly disliked before later didn't and vice versa. I think we all know what exists in the world that is not entirely healthy for our body both internally and physically.

refined sugars


refined flours

Excess chemicals

Dairy (in many people)

In some cases animal fat

Saturated fats

Many times healthy foods are also not good for many people, as I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, what is very good for me can be poison for many. For example, broccoli is a super food, but there are people who dislike it very much and it doesn't make them feel good.

The combination of foods also plays an important role, suddenly a food does not bother you if you eat it alone, but if you combine it with another it does, and so on the list goes on, this topic is so extensive that it is definitely better to experience it ourselves.

In short, I think that diets are useless, a new diet will always come out, the one that is fashionable, or the one we saw on our friend who lost weight, but how many stick?

One of the things that diets do the most is make us obsessed with our body and especially physically, and that can become a problem.

If we ate for health to know that what we are putting in our mouths is going to nourish us and help our health, we would not eat and we would not think about diets, everything becomes much easier without counting calories, because in the end We are eating healthy and what we are doing for our health is reflected in our physique.

When we don't think about diets, we relax and things flow much more, being relaxed we are not anxious about whether we lose weight or not, and the anxiety about eating goes down, I know that for many it does not sound easy but believe me it is.

You can't imagine how many times I restricted myself from eating flour at night, from not eating fruits that were high in sugar and how many times I cut back on the olive oil that I like so much to try to take care of myself, for what? For a day of the week to come where I'm going to eat everything I restricted myself because I thought I was on a diet that was going to keep me at my ideal weight, and you know what? Now I'm at a lower weight than when I did those crazy things, which at the time I thought were good for me.

It's normal, many of us go through this.

When we expose ourselves to these restrictions our body knows this and begins to produce less serotonin, a chemical essential for happiness.

95% of people who diet come back and regain the weight and even gain a little more.


  1. Experiment with different types of food, see which one you feel best with.
  2. Experiment with different types of physical activity, even 15 minutes a day, little by little increasing.
  3. Spirituality is super important, meditating, praying, having a moment for yourself makes us feel good, I heard this so many times and I never thought it was so effective. Just as we nourish our body, it is also good to nourish our soul. This will make us feel calmer, every time I feel tired during the day or I can't give myself more, I give myself 5 to 10 minutes to meditate, you can't imagine the impact it has, it's like I'm pouring gasoline on my body. and it reactivates me for the rest of the day, since with two daughters and work sometimes I feel like all my energy has been drained hahaha.