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Cleansing our skin is not just about washing our face AM – PM, it goes beyond that. We must be very hygienic when using our products, for example, try not to apply makeup and masks with our fingers, always better with brushes and sponges and that these elements are disinfected and clean, they are key when it comes to keeping our skin healthy. .

" Cleaning our skin is not just about washing our face AM – PM, it goes beyond that"

The above taking into account that our hands trap many germs that we carry on our products and our skin, and therefore they stay there. So we don't do anything if we only wash our faces, and our products are infected or contaminated.

There are many techniques to wash brushes and sponges, but I prefer one of the many that I have been using for years.

There are spray cleansers that are super easy to use, but I think that this technique is more useful to use instantly, for example, if we are only using a few brushes and we want to implement several colors to our makeup look, we clean with the spray and proceed to use the other shadow color with the same brush. In my opinion, this technique would only work for these types of occasions, but it would not disinfect the brush like soap and water could do, which completely eliminate dirt.

Now I tell you my favorite technique, the most economical, easy and quick.

You will only need a bar of laundry soap (they foam the most and have the most detergents) and the bar has the perfect shape to clean the brush, since it is wide and straight.

They are the ones that foam the most and have the most detergents.

First we wet the bar, then we wet the brush. Once both are wet, we pass the brush through the bar of soap in a circular manner. When the brush is full of soap, we remove the dirt with our fingers while we remove the water from the brush. . Always wet only the bottom part of the brush, never the entire brush because it can damage the glue where it sticks to what holds the brush, whether it is wood or plastic.

We would do the same process with the sponges.

Once both the sponge and the brush are clean, we move on to drying. We are going to open some medium or small towels, and we are going to put them somewhere near a window where they get direct light. We remove the excess water from the brush with the same towel and lay it on it, leaving them there until the next day when they are completely dry.

And voila, this is my easy and effective way to wash my brushes and sponges.


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