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Personally, changes have always seemed good to me, and now more than ever I want to look for ways to get out of my daily life and give a little more excitement to my days in isolation. For this reason, for a few weeks I was exploring new trends to give myself a cute and fun little change of look. So, I decided to invoke my inner Spice Girl and joined the trend for chunky front highlights. It's super easy to do from home and you don't need to go to the hair salon to achieve it. Below I share the step by step of how I did this nineties look:

What products did I use? 

  • Color: Schwarzkopf Palette - 310 silver
  • Bleaching powder: ELGON- Blu Bleach 
  • Oxidizing cream: Nouvelle - Vol. 30
  • Toning: Prokpil - Ash 
  • Gloves


Important note: If the products are applied very close to the roots, the discoloration and dye, due to the strong blonde tones they leave, can give the appearance of baldness. I suggest leaving half a finger of distance between the roots and the color. 

  1. Wearing gloves, I separated the two front strands of hair. I made them 2 cm on each side, but they can be any thickness you want. 

  1. I mixed the bleaching powder with the oxidizing cream and applied it evenly to both strands. To avoid orange tones, the key is to let the bleach mixture act for a long time. I left it on for 1 hour, but if you have lighter hair you can leave it on for less time.

  1. Then, I applied the toner to the mixture, left it alone for 3 seconds and rinsed my hair immediately in the hand wash. 

  1. I let my hair rest and the next day I applied the bleach mixture again, but this time only for 15 minutes.

  1. Then I applied the dye (I combined it with the nouvelle oxidizing cream vol. 30, I did not use the one that comes in the dye box) and left it on for 2-3 minutes (it is not recommended to leave it on longer because it can leave blue tones or grayish) and that's it!

How have I felt?

The truth is that I thought it was a super cool change, it's easy to handle and I feel like my face looks a little brighter. Surprisingly, it didn't break my hair, as I thought it would suddenly due to so much bleaching, however, I always recommend keeping it hydrated with oils or serums to avoid damage. Furthermore, when it comes to dressing, the pints look much more modern and trendy thanks to the locks.  I definitely think Rachel Green would be proud lol. 


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