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As many of you already know, 90% of my diet is plant-based. After a long time I discovered that my body works better, feels more energy and is grateful when I eat mainly vegetables, fruits and other whole foods. However, I want to emphasize that a plant-based diet is not synonymous with giving up all those flavors that we love. There are many ways to turn your favorite dishes into vegan recipes!

One of the greatest gastronomic pleasures for me has always been sushi. Therefore, today I am here to share with you the vegan version of this iconic dish of Asian cuisine. This recipe takes time and a little patience if you are a beginner, but the result is worth it!


(4 portions)

250 grams of sushi rice.

1 avocado.

1 cucumber.

1 package of nori seaweed.

Liquid stevia.

Vegan mayonnaise - discover my recipe here!

Truffle oil.

Bamboo mat or, failing that, plastic paper.


  • The first step is to cook the rice, following the instructions on the package. Normally it is placed over low heat and the same amount of water is used as rice.
  • Once the rice is cooked, we transfer it to a bowl or wooden tray and wait for it to cool completely.
  • Then, we add rice vinegar and stevia to taste. These two ingredients are the secret to making your homemade sushi look like it was made in Japan.
  • Place the seaweed on the bamboo mat.
  • Now, we wet our hands and take no more than a ball of rice, and spread it over the rough side of the seaweed. Ideally, there should be a thin, homogeneous layer on the entire half.
  • In the entire center of the rice we add the cucumber and avocado cut into thin strips.
  • We roll it with the help of the bamboo mat, applying enough pressure to shape the maki.
  • Finally, cut the roll with a very sharp and moistened knife.

For those who are definitely not vegan lovers, you can add thin pieces of salmon to the recipe and it is delicious too!


You can accompany this dish with a super fresh and delicious salad! You only need crisp lettuce, cucumber and the following ingredients for the dressing:

-Dijon mustard (this is the base)

- A spoonful of cashew butter,

- Honey to taste

- A little bit of water

- Sesame oil to taste

- Rice vinegar to taste

- Salt to taste

- 1 piece of uncrushed garlic cut into four.

You mix everything and that's it!

I hope you liked this recipe and remember to tag me (@nicoleravachi) in your photos if you make it at home!